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Dj. Crystino - Volume up 01

A new genre, a new project.  So that is the short description of a new music mix that will promote Melbourne bounce, progressive house and electro house. Headline is PIXL feat. Cassandra Kay with "Broken bones (original mix)", which gives a breath of fresh air. Mike Candys comes with a song that gives the impression that you're in a huge stadium. Besides all this, the end of the mix is incredible, ending with a song that makes you think you're in Ibiza. It's brilliant!
The mix contains 13 tracks, which are listed below. The sites where you can download the mix will always be updated because it will be a while before it's all over the Internet.

MPEG-1 Layerl 3;
320 kbps;
44100 Hz Joint Stereo.

01. PIXL feat. Cassandra Kay - Broken bones (original mix)
02. Bodybangers - Are you ready (original mix)
03. Christina Walls, Dj. Scruche & Dj. V1t - Ready 4 it (Dj. Dmitry Popov smash up)
04. Kronic - Fire in the sky (Matt Watkins mix)
05. Mike Candys - Anubis (original mix)
06. R.I.O. feat. U-Jean - One in a million (extended mix)
07. Sean Finn feat. Amanda Wilson - All or nothing (original mix)
08. Shaun Baker - All I ever (extended mix)
09. Yellow Claw feat. Rochelle - Shotgun (Loud Bit Project & Dj. Max-Wave remix)
10. Avicii - Lay me down (Avicii remix)
11. Francesca Moreno & Pierre D'oro feat. Lili - My own paradise (club mix)
12. Dirty Palm - Wave your hands (original mix)
13. Kryder & Still Young feat. Duane Harden - Feels like summer (original mix)

Out Now, Dj. Crystino, Progressive House, Electro House, Melbourne Bounce, Mix 2014, Volume Up.

To listen and download, follow one of the links below:

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