marți, 15 aprilie 2014

The sound of Ibiza vol. 1

Recently I made a mix of house music genre lovers. Includes 12 tracks that I liked very much. Below you will see the details of this mix.

01. Akabu feat. Alex Mills - Everybody wants something (Kolombo Back To Bassix mix)
02. Chasing Kurt - From the inside (Konstantin Sibold remix)
03. Sherr - Safari (original mix)
04. Do Santos, Electrobios & B.O.N.G. - Twisting my mind (original mix)
05. Jess-E feat. kt Forrester - I feel your energy
06. Disclosure feat. Mary J. Blige - F for you (club mix)
07. Disciples - Catwalk (original mix)
08. Jorge Montia - My feelings (original mix)
09. Dj. Micky Da Funk & Costantino Nappi - Happy cola (original mix)
10. Ray Foxx feat. Rachel K Collier - Boom boom (heartbeat) (Crazibiza Poolside remix)
11. Andy Caldwell & Lisa Shaw - Hold the line (Hazzaro & Jerome Robins remix)
12. Apollo 84 - Told you (original mix)

The mix can be downloaded from this site:
Dj. Crystino - The sound of Ibiza vol. 1

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