joi, 8 mai 2014

Trance Motion vol. 23

Finally, the long awaited trance music mix was done. Trance Motion has reached volume 23, including big names like Alex MORPH, Sean Tyas, Sneijder and the new remix made by Armin van Buuren.
Below I will give details of the mix.

MPEG-1 Layerl 3;
320 kbps;
44100 Hz Joint Stereo.

01. Brian Laruso - Selina (extended mix)
02. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Natalie Gioia - My heaven (original mix)
03. Sean Tyas & Noah Neiman with Fisher - Lose my logic (Tomas Heredia remix)
04. Gaia - Empire of hearts (original mix)
05. Max Graham - The evil ID (Mark Sherry remix)
06. Mike Saint-Jules - Belly of the beast (original mix)
07. Krewella - Enjoy the ride (Armin Van Buuren remix)
08. Talla 2xlc & Sarah Russell - Build these walls (Philippe El Sisi remix)
09. Mark Eteson - Aventus (TEMPLE ONE remix) (original mix)
10. Sneijder feat. Cate Kanell - Letting me go (original mix)

To listen and download, follow this link:

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