duminică, 29 iunie 2014

Trance Motion vol. 24

"Trance Motion" reached vol 24. Includes artists such as Sydney Blu, JD & Betsie Larkin, Bilal El Aly & Linnea Schossow, Samvel, but the surprise comes from Armin van Buuren with the new song "Ping pong". The centerpiece of this mix comes from Sunset feat. Diana Leah with the song "Carry me away".

Bellow I will give details of the mix.

MPEG-1 Layerl 3;
320 kbps;
44100 Hz Joint Stereo.

01. Sydney Blu, JD & Betsie Larkin - Nightlight (Santerna remix)
02. Andy Duguid & Audrey Gallagher - In this moment
03. Armin van Buuren - Ping pong (original mix)
04. Bilal El Aly & Linnea Schossow - Penumbra
05. York feat. Tanja Vesterdahl - If only I (M. Pravda remix)06. Samvel - Arctic echoes (original mix)
07. Vasaris - Days of future past (original mix)
08. Sunset feat. Diana Leah - Carry me away (original mix)
09. Sandi Morreno - Awakening (original mix)
10. Menno de Jong - Any other day

To listen & download, follow this link:

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