joi, 12 martie 2015

Back to the origins!

Somehow, Jean Michel Jarre put his mark on electronic music, being a pioneer in his genre. Psy-Trance has the origins here. "Echoes of sound" has reached volume 3, with artists who deserve to hear it. The mix contains a piece that reminds you of the artist who made a splash in the late '90s, called Kai Tracid.
The mix contains 11 tracks with an alert rhythm, which takes you to another universe.

Dj. Crystino - Echoes of sound vol. 3
Genre: Psy-Trance
Release Date: 11.03.2015
Quality: MPEG-1 Layerl 3 / 320 kbps / 44100 Hz Joint Stereo.
Playing Time: 57:20
Size: 131 MB.

01. Liquid Soul - Adrenaline (Kingpink remix)
02. Radial! - Twilight Zone
03. Protonica - Greece (Atmos remix)
04. Lifeforms - Sex panther (Motion Drive remix)
05. Suntree - Expectations
06. Atomizers - We share
07. Paralogue - Suck my disk
08. Odd Sequence - Pure energy
09. Ilai - 3D mode
10. Flexus - Magnetic field (Opposite8 remix)
11. Sub6 - Droid save the Queen (Zyce remix)

Out Now; Psy-Trance; Dj. Crystino; Echoes of sound; Mix 2015.

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